Friday, 24 June 2011

Zindagi milegi naa dobaara........:-)

Life is just one. Life will never come back once its gone. So true. Isn't it? In this small Life we see so many things , feel so many emotions , do so many deeds--some good , some bad. And yeah, noone is an exception to this.

Life is the best teacher and we all know this. Isn't it? Life has taught me too innumerable things and here I thought of putting the 7 most important learnings that I got from it , which I try to practise , to do justice to the most precious gift of God -- LIFE , because I believe not doing that is the biggest Sin.

1.  Love yourself the most.
     By saying this I dont mean that be selfish. No, not in the least. Do things that make you happy but not those that hurt others. I know many of you might be thinking that you already do this! Isn't it ? But hold on! If you feel neglected and sulk when others dont care for you, if you feel low when you are rejected by someone you love , if you feel you are not good or not capable or not beautiful enough when others say so , and there are many more such examples , then you certainly don't love yourself.
                              When we only don't love ourselves and when we only don't believe in ourselves how can we expect others to do so! Never love anyone more than yourself so that you become an option to them and they feel free to hurt you anytime.You have no right to do injustice to your Life by making your Soul cry. Never make yourself suffer for the pain that others have given you. Instead punish yourself when you have hurt others. And if you feel happier in getting hurt then the choice is yours.
                                  Also I dont deny the fact that there are some people in this world who are worth being loved more than ourselves and they will never let you down , for example our parents who sacrifice soo much to give us a better life.

2.  Never go by what others will think of you. They wont stop thinking bad about you in any case, if they  love it.

3.  Have a take it ezeee policy. Enjoy Life. Live Life. Believe in Him. He does equal justice to all. He can never do injustice to us unlike we human beings who never think twice before doing injustice to others!

4.  Try to make yourself better and better.
    Try to improve what you have control on -- You. Change yourself for the better. We are responsible for our deeds and we should not forget this ultimate truth--' As we sow so shall we reap'. So if someone is doing wrong with you-- why are you sulking or feeling bad?
    Khudi ko kar buland itna ke har taqder se pehle
    Khuda bande se ye poche bata teri raza kya hai..

5.  Be Positive.
    Easier said than done.  Isn't it? Especially when it comes to this-- thinking and acting positive. Actually , you know why it becomes so difficult for us to think positively in all aspects? Because accept it  or not , we humans have this tempting inclination towards opting the easier way out. Yeah, you see its so easy to sulk, crib, and let all those negativities creep inside than being wise and thinking positive.
                      You know what , deep inside we all know what we should do , that we should think positive because that is the only way which will reveal our true potential , and show us the correct path.
            So just try kicking out all those negativities.....after all nothing is impossible for us Humans. Isnt it?

6.  Look at the larger picture. Aim for bigger happinesses and ignore those smaller tiffs.
      Life gives you many opportunities to fill your bag with loads and loads of happiness. If you cant see them or dont want to see them then the fool is You.
       Pyaase ko jaana padta hai  (One who is thirsty needs to make the move)
       Sagar chalke aaya hi nahi     (The ocean won't come walking at his doorsteps)
       Jine ke bahaane laakho hai   (There are soo many reasons to Live)
       Kabhi tune apnaaya hi nahi..  (It's you who has not welcomed them with open arms)

7.  Never wash dirty linen in public. It just wont help. Your problems will multiply. Instead wash it yourself.
     Because believe me there are some people who get more pleasure in others pain rather their own happiness.

I know everyone is different and so are their meanings and interpretations of Life. This is something that I feel and you might not agree as well. Nevertheless , please feel free to share your views on this ultimate temptation called LIFE. I would be obliged.

Thank you all for your time.



Thursday, 23 June 2011

Married Life.....:)

28 June 2009.

Yeah , this is the most important day of my life. Now it seems like a dream, to have completed 2 years of blissfully married life! Strange it seems!! Isn't it all you married people out there?? Time just flies!!

But the question is are all the days really blissful??

No, to say the least..:-)

I felt every damn emotion in this world. There were days when I laughed my teeth and heart out!! :-P Sometimes I felt on top of the world , sometimes I just felt like crying and crying....but I guess thats what marriage is all about....and if someone swears by happy days throughout their married me they are lying.......:-P

Each marriage is unique in its own way and mine is no exception. And the one thing that I can say is -- I learned a lot about relationships and , what it takes to keep it strong so that the love grows and grows and grows.....

And, the ultimate thing I have learned through my experience is:
 Pyaar se sab haasil ho sakta hai  (Love can achieve everything)
 Nafrat se kuch bhi nahi  (Hatred nothing)

Believe me. And yeah , obviously there are exceptions to this too because you know --'kuch laato ke bhoot baaton se nahi maantein'.

Marriage of two souls is the most beautiful and sacred thing. Respect it. Love it. Trust it. Understand it. Enjoy it. And the most important thing -- Nurture it.

At the end all I can say is when it is worth all the pain do everything on earth that you can to make it more beautiful and loving but if nothing works and you know its not worth it -- Get rid of it soon....Get a Divorce....hahahahahahhahahahaha


I am really sorry for posting soooo late.....but I can only write when I feel like.......:-)

And yeah, ill write more on this heated topic after deep retrospection and trust me you will love it......

Thank you all for reading my "whatever" posts....:-)