Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Lets live without fear!!

A world of love,
A life without fear
Lets not just dream
It's high time we gear.

Lets not be scapegoats
to the ploys of politicians
who at any cost want
to hold their power chair.

Lets not be foolish to fight
upon seeds of communalism
sown by politicians who are no better
than our British rulers were.

Lets forget the past and be selfless enough
to work for a greater cause-
To build a peaceful , fearless nation
where love is everywhere.

Lets be smart enough, and not naive
Lets strengthen our bonds of love and trust
Lets show them that their time is over
and its now our stage.

Lets know the futility of hatred
Lets pledge to oust corruption
and work together and dare
to build a democratic, united nation.

Lets not loose hope, and work and toil
for small drops make the mighty ocean
Lets bury personal grievances, and remember Him
whose we are the most beautiful creation.

Who wanted us to live and love
Lets not hate ech other, and hate Him
Why deceit ourselves in the name of God
when we know , No it is not Him
Lets not commit this crime because one day
we all will have to answer Him.

Lets not sleep, it's time to wake
Lets begin, it's never too late
Lets wipe tears and LIVE without fear
before it is found that life exists nowhere.



  1. Wonderful. I do not know much about poetry, but I can say that I loved this poem.

  2. For a change - A very different topic.
    Supe Like :)

  3. pretty good..i like this most among three :)

  4. Great poem I really loved it especially
    Lets be smart enough, and not naive
    Lets strengthen our bonds of love and trust
    Lets show them that their time is over
    and its now our stage.

  5. Thankew so much Jim...
    I am really glad that u took out your time for reading my poem..It really inspires me and keeps me motivated...
    will definitely try my best to come up to ur expectations nad write more good stuffs..
    Keep reading..

  6. I appreciate how you make it a responsibility to work for a better world. The world is a gift and we're neglecting it as we live now. Like not feeding a new pet dog or leaving a bicycle out in the rain. The wise would not do that to such little things, so why would we with the whole world?

  7. Thanks a ton Justin for the appreciation...
    Whatever it be Justin I firmly believe that lil efforts from our part will surely make the world a better place to live...

  8. I couldn't agree more, Nandini. -Sherry

  9. I loved it, specially the way you write. and ofcoz the name of your blog :D

  10. nandini your poem reminds me of Tagore's "where the mind is without fear...." Really inspiring

  11. @ Sherry, Rimly and Sumit....
    Thanks a ton for appreciating my poem...yes its we who can make the world a better place to live by changing our mindsets to a more aware , responsible, active and optimistic one...
    Yes we Can n Yes we Will..