Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Live and Love!!

I don't want to fly high,
My friends dont live in the sky,
I just want to live and love,
That's why we landed from above.

Such beautiful creations , and so strange,
Similar bodies but views that change.
Forget differences however difficult it might be,
Kick your worries and just be merry.

Life's so beautiful , life's so short,
Make it happier with no effort.
Loving others may cost something,
But a gloomy heart can never do anything.



  1. such a beauteous combination of words from u :)
    ek dum mast..

    mita do sab lakeere,
    tod do dushmani ke janzeere..
    jeeyo aur jeene do,
    bas is mitti ko apne pyaar se rang do...

  2. Great Anu...
    Loved ur comment and lines...

  3. "Similar bodies but views that change"

    So True...I appreciate di.. "Beauty With Brain"

  4. M flattered keep reading...will motivate me to write more and more...
    Thanks a lot..

  5. Its really fantastic lines about life.Life's so beautiful , life's so short,Make it happier with no effort it inspiring line to me. I like your blog. Mind blowing words.

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  6. @ gohost...
    m obliged that u tuk out tym for my poem....
    Thanks a tonn for liking it....m sooo glad..

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