Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Like the breeze!!

You held my hand, I knew, you would never let it go,
My eyes twinkled in that loving glow.
I got my Destiny, I got my Destination,
A new Life, a new Horizon.

Brown looked green, and dead alive!
Flying in the sky, I felt so high.
Even the still air sung in my ear!
Whispering only about you my dear.

The leaves danced merrily, the birds spoke to me,
When I sat dreaming, in my balcony.
I was lost in a world
where it was only you and me.

Lost in the trees, lost in the stars,
Lost in the sky that's silver
Lost in the breeze flowing by
Lost in eyes forever.

I could see and feel love, everywhere,
In the scorching Sun, In the soothing streams,
You were the beginning, the end of my my world
The meaning of my life, I found in your dreams.

I did everything that I could do
I would even tell you, how much I loved you
My heart was stolen and I knew
You took it away, the thief was only you.

It was sleeping peacefully beside your's,
When suddenly one day,
You opened the door,
and kicked it away.

I was a fool to have thought,
You were carefully preserving my heart!
You made me realise, my heart was of no value
You just wanted someone to look after you, just a body to lure you.

You took the sheen off my eyes
The glow of my face, ever bright
My everlasting smile, my beautiful dreams
You left me all alone, I could only scream.

How could you not feel my love!
So beautiful and so pure
How could you be so cruel!
That you made me so insecure.

I did my mistakes, I do agree
I could, have hurt you too
But trust me I had always,
loved you and only you

Were my mistakes so grave ?
You could not feel love anymore!
But I promise, my love for you
Was truly dedicated and totally pure.

Don't plead guilty or ask me to forgive you,
I need no solace, no explanations from you,
Don't ask me either to love you again,
Could you love me, had I caused you so much pain?


  1. What a beautiful poem of heartbreak and pain and of pure, hopeless, helpless, dedicated love!!! Loved it Nandini.

  2. Awesome, what a mix of love and betrayal..Too Good di, what an ending..Gajab ho aap !!!

  3. @ Ankit and Anu...
    Thanks a lot..

  4. Wonderful piece of work...
    Must have taken the best of feelings to describe it.
    Hats off!!!

    Keep Writing :)

  5. @ Gamezon
    Thanks a ton Gamezon!! This kind of motivation is what keeps me going..
    I'll definitely try hard to write more good stuffs and come up to ur expectations..
    Keep reading..


  6. a marvelous effort and it deserves all appreciation..each line of this excellent piece seems to come straight from the heart..
    i look forward to next stuff from you..

  7. Thankew so much Asif..
    I am really flattered...and ill certainly try my best to come up to ur expectations...

  8. Excellent. it sad but I'm guessing you have been hurt in order to write of the pain.

  9. Aha! Jim...
    Keep guessing...and thanks a lot..

  10. @Nandini You made me think of THAT one person from the Line one, till the end...
    Loved it :)

  11. Wow, Nandini..
    You have great art of expressing your emotions and thoughts!
    Loved it throughout~
    Keep Writing!
    Take care!

  12. Thanks soo much Chandan ji....:)